Taylor Swift Gets Sued



Source: Getty Images
Haters gonna hate! Taylor Swift is under fire for her song “Shake It Off,” with accusations being made that the pop sensation plagiarized the song’s lyrics from another artist.
R&B singer Jessie Braham is suing the singer for $42 million, under grounds that Swift stole lyrics for her hit from one of his songs, “Haters Gonna Hate,” in 2013, CBS News reports. Source: Vevo
Braham claims the 25-year-old used lyrics in her chorus such as “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate hate….Players gonna play, play, play, play, play,” and that they stemmed from his 2013 single that includes the phrase, “Haters gonna hate/players gonna play.”
When Braham first heard the song “Shake It Off,” he contacted Swift’s label Big Machine, and asked for two things – to be named as a writer on the hit song and the opportunity to take a selfie with the pop star. When Swift and her team declined, he began pursuing legal action.
He told the New York Daily News, “Her hook is the same hook as mine. If I didn’t write the song ‘Haters Gone Hate,’ there wouldn’t be a song called ‘Shake It Off.'”