Pamela Anderson Reveals Hair & Beauty Secrets – “I Dye My Hair Myself!”



Source: Getty Images

You might think this Baywatch babe gets her blonde bombshell look from endless hours at the salon, but it’s actually the opposite.

In an interview with PeopleStyle, Pamela Anderson reveals she’s been dying her own hair for 25 years, something she learned how to do from her mother. “I dye my hair myself! I couldn’t imagine sitting in a hair salon for hours,” she told the news outlet.

Source: Getty Images

Her makeup routine is also surprisingly low maintenance. She revealed by applying her own makeup, it allows her to feel her best. She’s told PeopleStyle she’s confident in achieving the look she wants, learning tips and techniques throughout the years. “Sometimes people do your makeup and at the end of the day you don’t even look like yourself. I feel confident that I could do my own makeup and walk on a red carpet, so I am really excited about these products and to share my tricks.”

She and her makeup artist Alexis Vogel teamed up to launch a vegan and animal cruelty-free makeup line called Pamela’s Bombshell Collection.