New Pickleball Blast Board Game Brings The Energy Of Pickleball — Minus The Injuries



Moose Games
A new pickleball board game from Moose Games, the gaming innovation division of award-winning Moose Toys, lets players participate in America’s fastest-growing sport from the comfort and safety of their living rooms.
Pickleball Blast is a two-player game for ages eight and up that serves up big dill energy with a tabletop court and net featuring an attached Screamin’ Pickle launcher and two thumb-action pickleball paddles.
Pickleball Blast is the newest proof point of Moose Games’ innovation and our keen ability to spot trends. It capitalizes on pickleball’s place in pop culture and offers the lively game play of the sport in whole new way, David Norman, president of Moose Games, said in a statement.
Our team has put a great ‘dill’ of creativity into reinterpreting the incredible enthusiasm for the sport and it’s sure to score big with fans of the sport and board games alike. We look forward to ‘relishing’ in its success and continuing to win big in the games category, Norman said.
Players use the thumb-action pickleball paddles to send the Screamin’ Pickle to the other end of the court, aiming to flip their opponent’s pickle lids. Defending players can protect their jars by swatting the Screamin’ Pickle back.
When a player flips two of their opponent’s lids, they earn one point, and the first player to earn four points leaves their opponent in a pickle and takes home the win.
The launch comes just days after doctors at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons warned that pickleball-related bone fractures are skyrocketing, alongside even more common soft-tissue injuries including sprained ankles, knee injuries and rotator cuff injuries.
Pickleball Blast, priced at $19.99, will launch exclusively at Target stores and online on Feb. 18, with an expanded retail rollout in the fall.
TMX contributed to this article.