Mego Toys Introduces My2XL AI Robot Companion For Kids



Mego Toys
Toymaker Mego on Tuesday announced its My2XL AI Robot for Kids is now available for sale on Amazon.
The 2XL Cobot, or companion robot, is designed to help children develop verbal and social skills conversationally, building their vocabulary through friendship.
The new robot companion is being introduced by Mego2, an evolution of Mego Toys representing the dynamic growth of the company into the AI realm, the company said.
The 2XL is capable of limitless conversation in more than 30 languages, and can seamlessly switch between languages during conversation. It can also engage with a child’s invented stories and adventures, remembering past conversations and building on them over time.
The small robot companion boasts clear voice recognition even in noisy environments, and is the first fully conversational robot to use best-in-class real-time generative artificial intelligence to converse.
The 2XL also features safety guardrails and parental controls, to ensure secure conversations with leading. data safety protocols. Using the companion app, parents can set approved topics of conversation, and read transcripts of all interactions across all profiles.
The 2XL is now available for purchase on Amazon for $179.99.
TMX contributed to this article.