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Millennial Men Love to Spoil Their Dogs, New Study Finds

Source: Getty Images

A new study has found millennial men pamper their pet pooches more than millennial women do.

According to People, a survey from Volvo Car USA and Harris Poll shows that men born between 1981 and 1996 are more likely to pamper their dogs compared to female pet owners in the same age range.

Not only are millennial men more likely to splurge on organic food for their favorite four-legged friend, they also lay down some serious cash on doggy daycare. Men are also more likely to celebrate their dog’s birthday by throwing their pet a birthday party!

However, when it comes to social media millennial women have the men beat.

According to People, “Millennial women are more than twice as likely to start a social media account for their pet to share photos, compared to overall pet owners.”


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