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Tips for an Easy and Painless Gift Return

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It’s that time of the year again when stores are busy – not just with shoppers, but with people returning gifts. It is estimated a whopping sixty-five percent of Americans won’t like the gifts they receive and while it’s always good to try and be a grateful recipient, there is no point holding onto something you will never use.

To make store returns quick and painless, follow these easy tips:

Check for a Gift Receipt – Ideally if your gift giver packaged the present up with a gift receipt you are in luck. You can return the item to the store and receive a store credit for the amount the person paid for the gift. If the gift does not have a gift receipt, you may be issued a store credit for less than what they paid if the item has been reduced since then.

Don’t Open It – To make returns easier do not open the packaging, or tear off the tags. This is especially important if the gift did not come with a gift receipt. The store will need a barcode to scan in order to issue a store credit.

Check the Store Return Policy – Some stores extend the time allowed for returning items purchased as holiday gifts, so check the store policy. If you can avoid hitting the stores on December 26 and 27 you will be happier for it!

Bring ID – Many retailers ask for a form of identification when returning gifts, especially during the holiday period when fraud is high.

Don’t Expect a Cash Refund – It’s highly unlikely a retailer will give you a cash refund on a return, unless you bring in the original receipt showing the original payment method. Expect a store credit instead.

If your gift did not come with a gift receipt you can always ask for the original receipt to expedite the returning process if you know the gift giver won’t be offended!

Of course there is always the option of re-gifting! A surprising amount of people re-gift presents they won’t use. Just make sure you are regifting the gift to someone who doesn’t know the original gift giver!


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