Hallmark Giving Away One Milion Cards to Help Thank Educators



Source: iStock

Hallmark is recognizing the “vital role” educators and other school employees have played during the coronavirus pandemic by giving away one million “thank you” cards.

Available on a first-come, first-serve basis via Hallmark’s website, People reports the company will give away one million cards to people wishing to thank their teachers, administrators, coaches, bus drivers, guidance counselors, custodians and other school employees who have helped make education possible during the pandemic.

“For many parents, navigating their children’s education amidst a pandemic has been a difficult challenge,” Lindsey Roy, Hallmark’s Chief Marketing Officer, told People.

“We’ve all seen so many teachers and school staff members rise to the challenge, working long hours and using their imaginations to deliver the best education possible from a remote, hybrid or in-person learning environment,” Roy shared. “Despite these changes, one thing remains the same: the sincere connection between teachers and their students.”

The cards will be given out in packs of three to anyone in the continental U.S. so they can thank not one, but three deserving educators, beginning November 17.

For the past 110 years, Hallmark has helped people put more care in the world, and now it is more important than ever to show love for the incredible people who are teaching, coaching and caring for our children every day,” Roy told People. “We hope people will use this card giveaway as a tangible opportunity to recognize the vital role educators, administrators, school staff and many others play in our children’s lives.”