Lady Gaga Expresses How Her Glam Process is a ‘Healing Practice’



Courtesy of Lady Gaga/Instagram
Lady Gaga’s makeup routine serves as an energizing ritual for her day.
The 37-year-old artist, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, openly discussed her therapeutic self-care regimen. In an interview with news source on Monday, August 21, she shared, “It has been a healing practice for me since I was really young. I was incredibly insecure when I was a teenager, and when I graduated high school and went off on my own, I discovered that makeup had the power to transform who I was.”
To Gaga, her beauty regimen is an additional layer of her morning skincare and a supplementary source of confidence. She elaborated, “I feel I’m able to brave whatever is coming my way because I’ve really taken time for myself.”
“I love that Lady Gaga is showing vulnerability here. She demonstrates that she can be insecure even as we look at her as having it all. There is no growth without vulnerability,” said executive and life strategist Rob Swymer, author of “Surrender to Your Adversity: How to Conquer Adversity, Build Resilience and Move Toward Your Life’s Purpose.”
“This a great example of how each of us gets to define our self care. So important to focus on ourselves as we take the journey through this uncertain world,” Swymer said.
This isn’t the initial instance of Gaga revealing her affinity for beauty. Back in May, she enthused in a recent magazine, “Makeup has the power to do whatever it is that each individual person needs it to do. It will not change everybody’s life, but it will change some people’s lives.”
“It seems [Lady Gaga] has created a self-care routine that has increased her ability to believe in herself,” said relationship coach and licensed therapist Julie Mangus.
“This can be an incredibly powerful tool for people to find a habit that encourages a pathway into a frame of mind of empowerment. The danger here does lie in relying too heavily on something like, makeup, wardrobe, etc., instead of finding connection, self love and value without external accessories or paint,” Mangus said. “At the heart of healthy human functioning, we want to find a way back to falling in love with ourselves and acceptance just as we are.”
Gaga is renowned for confidently flaunting eccentric and unconventional glam aesthetics both on the red carpet and during her performances. One of her most buzz-worthy moments occurred at the 2019 Met Gala. The event’s theme was “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” and Gaga certainly did not disappoint in delivering a striking display. Her makeup encompassed dramatic elements including extended gold eyelashes that reached her forehead and cheeks, silver jewels positioned beneath her waterline, glittering eyeshadow, defined eyebrows, and vibrant hot pink lips.
Courtesy of Lady Gaga/Instagram
Gaga made a bold statement at the event by wearing a Brandon Maxwell ensemble that she later shed on the iconic steps, unveiling a sleek black gown underneath. Following that, she transitioned into a pink dress, which she subsequently discarded to reveal her dazzling lingerie.
“Healing rituals, or self-care is an individualized experience and practice. For Lady Gaga it is her glam time, where she can express herself with makeup and fashion. For others it is exercise, therapy, meditation, reading, art, writing, and many more. The goal is to find something that is regulating, fulfilling, and healing for you. One of the first things we ask as psychologists is how are you taking care of yourself,” said licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Michelle Solomon.
“It’s an incredible act of self-love to make time to take care of yourself, especially in such a fast-paced world,” Solomon said. “Think of when you were a child, what brought you joy, that is where you can start to cultivate your own healing practice. Like Lady Gaga, doing my makeup is a therapeutic time where I get to play and use colors as an adult. However you find your healing practice, let it feel good to you.”
Gaga’s affection for beauty surpasses the confines of the red carpet, as she has transformed her love for cosmetics into a thriving business endeavor. Just this month, Gaga turned to Instagram to endorse her makeup brand, Haus Labs. The promotional images captured her sporting a understated makeup look, complete with defined eyebrows, subtle mascara, flushed cheeks, and glossy lips.
The second photo in the post featured Gaga applying Haus Labs’ upcoming release, the Triclone Skin Tech Concealer, to her cheeks and forehead. This new addition to their lineup is set to be available on Thursday, September 7.
Since its launch in 2012, Haus Labs has expanded its offerings to include an impressive array of beauty products. The collection boasts over 50 shades of foundation, lip oils, blushes, setting powders, eyebrow pencils, bronzers, and an assortment of other makeup essentials.