Khloe Kardashian Ditches the Blonde for New KKW Fragrance Promo



Source: Rex Features
Khloe Kardashian unveiled a new brunette hairdo after ditching the blonde for KKW’s newest fragrance promo.
Appearing alongside sisters Kourtney and Kim, the trio went back to their early Keeping Up With the Kardashians looks in the nostalgic throwback.
The sisters collaborated on a new diamond-inspired KKW fragrance collection, with each of the fragrances capturing the personality of each sister.
“My scent is warm and floral and becomes warmer as I wear it throughout the day,” Kim revealed of her fragrance on Instagram.
Meanwhile, Kourtney promised a hint of playfulness with her fragrance, sharing on Instagram, “I wanted to create a vibrant one that matches my classic, playful vibe. The combination of Golden Berries, Jasmine and Vanilla is refreshing.”
Khloe wanted to design a fragrance that can be worn from day to night, writing on Instagram, “I wanted to create a fragrance that feels feminine, sexy and strong when I wear it. It’s such a dreamy scent with a mix of sweet florals and musk that can be worn from day to night. I’ve been wearing this non-stop and I love it more and more every day.”
The new Diamonds Collection KKW fragrances launch on November 8th.