Ina Garten’s Least Favorite Trendy Foods



Source: Getty Images
Ina Garten is known for her delicious take on classic foods, but how does she feel about trendy food items currently gracing the plates of foodies across the country?
During an interview with NBC’s TODAY, the Barefoot Contessa opened up about the trendy food items she loves – and which ones she absolutely detests. Avocado Toast, Kale, Quinoa, and Cauliflower Rice all made Ina’s “hot” list, with the celebrity chef revealing she loves cauliflower anything and even makes a delicious cauliflower toast! Also making the “hot” list were Grain Bowls (especially when someone else makes them) and Almond Milk for those who can’t tolerate dairy.
Sadly Ina is not on board with the Unicorn Food trend, telling TODAY, “If I don’t know what it is, I’m probably not going to eat it!”
Also making Ina’s “not” list – Kombucha, Pumpkin-Spice Latte and, like many celebrity chefs, Pineapple Pizza. When it comes to Zucchini Noodles, Ina is still on the fence, telling TODAY, “I like them mixed with pasta. So I like zucchini and pasta together, but not just zucchini.”