Ina Garten’s Freezer Staples



Source: Getty Images
Celebrity chef Ina Garten is the queen of all things delicious, so when it comes to sharing her tips on staples she likes to keep in the freezer we’re all ears.
Fortunately, Food & Wine got to sit down with the Barefoot Contessa to find out the three staple items Ina always keeps in the deep freeze – and the results may surprise you.
According to Food & Wine, Ina always has vodka, bread, and vanilla ice-cream stocked in her freezer.
Ina shared with Food & Wine that in her opinion bread and vanilla ice cream are two of the only foods that hold up spectacularly to freezing and taste as good store bought as they do homemade.
To freeze bread perfectly, Ina cuts the loaf into wedges before wrapping it tightly. Cutting the bread into wedges before freezing minimizes any freezer burn the bread may be exposed to.