The Property Brothers Reveal Best City for Real Estate Investment

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Source: HGTV

When it comes to real estate investment location is everything, but there are two cities, in particular, topping the list of Jonathan and Drew Scott’s best places to invest.

The Property Brothers co-hosts spoke to Yahoo Finance about real estate investing, revealing Nashville and Las Vegas are at the top of their list.

However, the brothers also recommend sticking close to home, in real estate markets you are familiar with.

“Don’t go and invest across the country somewhere that you don’t know,” Drew Scott told Yahoo Finance. “Invest in a market that you know, because there are great areas in every city.”

Since the real estate market can be tricky during volatile times, the Property Brothers stars suggest looking at locations with vibrant tourism.

“Right now there’s a lot of volatility,” Drew shared. “Seeing something that’s diversified with tourism or a market that’s diversified with the tourism industry is a very, very safe way to go.”

“For us, we’ve really found where our headquarters are in Las Vegas and Nashville,” Drew Scott revealed, noting the presence of reliable tourism in the cities. “Those are two of the most booming cities in the country right now. There’s a lot of growth. And so we’ve been investing there.”