Olivia Wilde Launches Eco-Friendly Tee Collection



Source: thredUP
Actress and activist Olivia Wilde has joined forces with thredUP to launch her eco-friendly #ChooseUsed fashion collection featuring second-hand tees and sweatshirts. The ThredUP + Olivia Wilde + Conscious Commerce’s Choose Used capsule collection features classic tees and sweatshirts from major labels such as J Crew, Michael Kors, and Victoria’s Secret redesigned with phrases such as “Used Goods” and “I Wear Used Clothes.”
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WE WEAR USED CLOTHES and we like it. Very excited to announce the launch of ‘Choose Used’, an entirely USED clothing collection we created in partnership with fashion resale site, @thredUP and our company @consciousco ( 🙌 cofounder, @babsbrayton) to combat the fashion waste crisis. Each garment is unique, printed with retro designs that encourage fashion re-use and they are awesome! (link to shop in bio)…… We're buying more and discarding clothes faster than ever before, pouring items into landfills in a constant search for newness and it has to stop. Buying secondhand from sites like @thredUP MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Please join us in this movement. Wear your choice proudly as a vote for the planet, and inspire others to embrace a more sustainable fashion future. Head to thredUP.com/ChooseUsed and repost (using #ChooseUsed and tagging @thredup thredUP) and thredUP will donate $1 to the Circular Fashion Fund. 🙌🌎❤️ #thredUP_Partner

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The limited edition collection celebrates secondhand garments as a way to combat the harmful effects of textile waste. According to thredUP, 32 billion garments are produced for the US market each year alone, with approximately 64 percent ending up in the landfill. The company states the best way to combat this is to consume less and reuse more.
A portion of the sales proceeds benefits thredUP’s sustainable fashion initiative “Circular Fashion Fund” which distributes funds to organizations and individuals committed to a more sustainable future.