How to Rid Your Body of Unsightly Cellulite with 6 Easy Steps



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It’s an issue most woman deal with – about 90% – and it’s safe to say we all want it gone! Cellulite can appear on your tummy, hips, thighs and buttocks and is more common in woman than men. The fat beneath the skin will push up against connective tissue causing those annoying dimples and puckering. Studies show that cellulite is hereditary; if your mother has cellulite, chances are you will too. If you suffer from these unsightly bumps, there are ways to alleviate or even remove the appearance of cellulite.
1. Weight Loss Source: Google Images
Even thin and slender women have trouble with cellulite. Just because you have these annoying marks doesn’t mean you are overweight, however, losing weight can reduce the appearance of cellulite because you are decreasing fat tissue.
2. Increase Oxygen to Trouble Areas Source: Google Images
If you have a job that requires you to be seated most of the day, this could be a factor. When areas, such as your buttocks and thighs, have decreased oxygen and reduced circulation it can lead to cellulite. Try increasing blood flow to these areas by getting up throughout the day thus minimizing inflammation and internal scarring.
3. Invest in a Foam Roller Source: Pinterest
By rolling on a foam roller on trouble areas, you will break down the knots and clustered deposits in your soft tissue. By giving yourself a deep tissue massage with this tool, it will increase oxygen and circulation to your trouble areas which can smooth out dimples and puckering.
4. Increase Physical Activity Source: Comstock Images/Stockbyte/Getty Images
Amp up your physical activity throughout the day to help with stubborn cellulite. Even adding a walk around your neighborhood to your daily routine will increase your blood flow and circulation.
5. Eat Clean Source: Getty Images
Cellulite can be caused from an increase of toxins in your body. By cutting out or minimizing your intake of packaged foods, preservatives, and refined sugars is a good start. Increase fruits and vegetables into your diet. Try juicing with fresh fruits and veggies to make the process easier.
6. Hydrate Source: Google Images
If your body is full of toxins due to your food choices and lifestyle, switch up your routine and drink lots of water to help flush your body. If you’re not drinking enough H20, this could be the cause of your saggy, lumpy dehydrated-looking skin.