How to Make Your At-Home Manicure Last Longer



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If you are looking to save a trip to the nail salon and also save some money by giving yourself a manicure at home there are a few tips you can follow to make sure your at-home mani lasts just as long as the salon version.
Wipe Nails with White Vinegar – After removing your nail polish and before applying a basecoat use a cotton swab dipped in white vinegar and wipe down the nail. This will remove any polish residue and also remove any natural oils that could cause nail polish to chip quicker.
Apply a Double Basecoat Layer to Nail Tip – Before applying basecoat to the whole nail apply a layer to the top half of the nail and allow to dry before applying another layer over the whole nail. Nail tips are prone to chipping thanks to typing and texting!
Don’t Shake Your Polish Bottle – Shaking your bottle of nail polish can result in air bubbles forming and unfortunately air bubbles lead to faster chipping. Instead roll your nail polish bottle between your hands.
Dry Nails in Iced Water – To help create a stronger polish finish dip your fingernails in a bowl of iced water to dry the polish. This will also help the polish dry faster.
Wear Gloves When Doing the Dishes – Pop on a pair of rubber gloves whenever you will be doing the dishes, or cleaning bathrooms. Harsh cleaning chemicals and hot water can cause painted nails to chip in an instant.

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Apply a Layer of Topcoat Every Two Days – To keep nails looking shiny and to protect your polish apply a layer of clear topcoat every other day.
Use a Mild Soap and Apply Nail Oil Daily – Skip the harsh antibacterial soaps that can dry out your nail bed and instead opt for a gentle, mild soap. A good nail oil applied every night before you go to bed will help keep the nail and cuticles moisturized meaning your nails are less likely to split or break.
Opt for Lighter, Natural Nail Polish – If you want to stretch out your time before polishes opt for a lighter, natural nail polish color that won’t show chips as clearly as darker, or more vibrant colors.