Go Green With These Earth-Friendly Purse Brands



Source: Matt&Nat
Looking to schlep around your daily things in something that’s a bit more environmentally friendly than a leather bag? Turns out you don’t need to ditch your keen fashion sense in order to go green. The following handbag companies are turning recycled materials into eye-catching, fashionable and ultra-lightweight purses you will just love to carry.
Matt & Nat
Founded in the mid-90’s in Montreal, Canada Matt & Nat aren’t the names of two designers. They actually stand for ‘mat(t)erial’ and ‘natural’ and the company is dedicated to manufacturing bags and purses that are sustainable and eco-friendly. The majority of their bags are made out of recycled materials and their linings are made of 100% recycled plastic bottles.
This forward thinking company features purses handmade in Tuscany out of durable, sustainable paper. The washable paper looks and feels like leather, but is able to withstand washing and daily use. Uashmama bags are made out of cultivated fibre and does not contribute to deforestation.
Eve Cork
Made in Portugal each Eve Cork purse is handcrafted from cork and lined with organic cotton using vegan glues and all-natural vegetable dyes. Sustainability is the cornerstone of the Eve Cork brand. The sustainably harvested cork used in Eve Cork’s merchandise looks and feels like leather, while being lighter, softer and more durable.
Sherpani Sherpani’s Essentials Collection bags and purses are made out of Repreve Recycled Fabric. Repreve is made of recycled plastic bottles, which are turned into a soft, durable nylon fabric. In addition their American Ethos Collection features hand-painted, non-toxic textiles.
Recycled Bags Co.

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Made out of recycled cement and fish feed bags, these purses and wallets are handcrafted by women in Cambodia, which also provides the artisans a safe, living wage. The company adheres to Fair Trade practices when it comes to their employees, many of whom work out of the home so their family life is not disrupted.
Lily Bloom
Made of bright, vibrant colors Lily Bloom’s purses, wallets are wristlets are made from their signature fabric Karma, created from recycled plastic bottles. Their eco-friendly handbag line feature different patterns and styles and the company is passionate about bringing eco-friendly fashion to “mothers, daughters, and friends taking a step toward a better future.”