Jennifer Lopez Looks Flawless at 49 in New Photoshoot



Source: Getty Images
In a half-naked photoshoot for InStyle magazine, 49-year-old Jennifer Lopez reveals, “I’ve taken care of myself and it shows,” – and we couldn’t agree more!
Looking toned and flawless in a metallic green Valentino Haute Couture cape, Jennifer shows off her curves that initially made her famous 18 years ago when she wowed on the red carpet in that infamous Versace plunging dress.
“I’ve taken care of myself, and now it shows,” Lopez told InStyle, crediting her youthful good looks and enviable figure to a lifestyle of avoiding alcohol and caffeine and making sure she gets lots of sleep. Lopez also revealed she has added weight training to her fitness routine, after realising she was losing too much muscle mass while dancing.
But there are some signs of aging even JLo can’t escape, telling InStyle she’s been squinting at her phone lately, so may need reading glasses!