The Secret Natural Ingredient to Zapping Zits Overnight!



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It’s happened to all of us. Getting a monster zit just before a big event. Whether it be a job interview, first date or your wedding day, if you’ve got a zit rearing its ugly head, use these natural ingredients that will make it disappear in no time.
Put away the creams and say bye-bye to pills that promise pimple-free skin. Use these natural ingredients to better your skin and combat acne.
Honey Source: Google
Use honey directly onto the affected area of the skin or combine with other ingredients to create a mask or scrub. Honey acts as a natural antibiotic and can combat bacteria that can cause those pesky pimples. Honey also helps remove excess oils that can be clogging your pores.
Lemon Juice Source: Google
Use lemon juice on your skin for the benefit of its citrus extract and removing excess oil. Use it as a spot treatment and add it to your nighttime routine for a face that’s free of blemishes.
Ice Source: Google
Apply ice to the areas affected on your face. This will help with swelling and redness.
Tea Tree Oil Source: Google
Use tea tree oil for a natural way to treat acne. It contains a be a number of health and beauty benefits, including fighting acne. It contains antibacterial properties to help fight against bacteria that causes pimples. It can also reduce redness and inflammation.