Drew Barrymore Launches Flower Home Collection



Source: Walmart/Drew Barrymore Flower Home
Drew Barrymore is extending her popular Flower Collection by adding a line of cute – and affordable – home goods.
The collection, available now on Walmart.com, Jet.com, and HayNeedle.com, features an array of gorgeously eclectic items inspired by Drew’s travels.
The collection, which changes seasonally, is affordably priced from just $18 up to $899 and showcases everything from plates to textiles, artwork to furniture.
According to House Beautiful, Barrymore admits she has a hard time picking her favorite item from the collection, revealing, “I know it’s a cliché to say, but I really do love every piece and that we played with scale. Each style of each leg on each piece of furniture was handpicked so that it would be the right vibe, style, shape against scale. You have to think about every single little detail, and with all of the options…it’s limitless!”
“My style is very poppy, and it’s colorful and fun,” Drew told House Beautiful. “I think we’re in the joy business—make a home that you can have people in that you love and be in by yourself, and feel safe and inspired and calm and enveloped and happy.”