Costco Shoppers Reveal Their Favorite Holiday Food Goodies



Source: Costco
Ask any Costco shopper what their favorite ‘must-have’ holiday food item is and you’re bound to hear a few firm favorites.
The big-box store is renowned for its gorgeous cuts of meat and seafood together with a plethora of snacks, chocolates, wine and beer from around the world – just what we love to have at our holiday table.
According to Huffington Post, Costco shoppers have voted these 9 items their favorite holiday goodies:
Filet Mignon – Costco shoppers agree the Filet Mignon is always a wonderful purchase, with one buyer telling Huffington Post, “The quality of the meat is great! We usually bring it for family parties or group ski trips with friends – perfect dinner for a group.”
Chocolates and Nuts – With a vast array of chocolates from some of the best chocolatiers in the world, not only are they a must-have during the holidays, but they also make excellent gifts for friends and family. Costco shoppers told Huffington Post they particularly like Godiva’s assorted boxes of chocolates and the large tins of mixed nuts the retailer sells.
Champagne – No festive season is complete without champagne and Huffington Post reports Costco sells Veuve Clicquot, Dom Pérignon, and Ruinart as gift sets complete with glasses, also making them the perfect present!
Panettone – You don’t have to be Italian to enjoy a festive slice of Panettone cake and fortunately Costco sells the real deal. “Costco sells the hard-to-find, imported panettone for Christmas in November and the beginning of December for a low price,” one Costco shopper told Huffington Post. “We buy at least two around the holidays.”
King Crab Legs – Many Costco shoppers forego the traditional turkey, or beef on Christmas Day and opt for King Crab Legs instead. Sold by the pound in the warehouse, Costco’s King Crab Legs are certified sustainable and come from the cold waters of Alaska and the Bering Sea.
Smoked Salmon – Costco’s affordable smoked salmon is definitely a customer favorite thanks to its high quality. “I definitely buy the smoked salmon for Sunday morning bagels when guests are here,” a Costco shopper shared with Huffington Post.
Shrimp Cocktail – Perfect for parties, Shrimp Cocktails are another firm favorite. “Their shrimp are the best,” one shopper exclaimed, adding, “I always use them for shrimp cocktail – and my entire family says my shrimp are the best.”
Ibérico Ham with Stand – Imported from Southern Spain, Costco’s Covap Jamon Ibérico Bellota Ham Leg with Stand and Knife is a staggering 15 pounds of meat. Although it’s a splurge at $559, Huffington Post says it’s a pretty good deal compared to the $1000 non-Costco version.
Caviar – According to Huffington Post, Costco’s caviar cannot be beat. The big-box store sells a variety of different caviar – from entry-level to super-pricey.