Jillian Michaels Spills Secret on How to Keep Weight Loss Off



Source: Don Flood
If you have ever struggled with yo-yo dieting, celebrity fitness trainer Jillian Michaels has shared her secret on how to keep the weight off – for good.
The super-fit mom-of-two spilled her secrets to Business Insider revealing there are two rules you have to follow to keep the weight at bay:
The Biggest Loser coach advised firstly you have to lose weight in a sustainable way, and secondly have a healthy relationship with food.
According to Jillian, losing weight in a sustainable way does not mean following an intense diet like fasting because it can mess up the metabolism and set you up for weight gain once you have finished the diet. Extreme calorie restriction can cause the body to think you’re starving, causing it to hold on to calories rather than burn them.
Michaels also told Business Insider dieters who have lost the weight often have an unhealthy relationship with food and turn to their favorite culinary treats to cope with stress, or other life events going on around them. In order to keep the weight off Jillian says this behavior has to stop.
“Learning how to deal with those issues in the long term is really what’s critical in keeping the weight off,” Jillian told Business Insider. “And that’s where you really have to understand why you’re turning to food and then build in recovery mechanisms to you have healthier, more life affirming alternatives.”