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Starbucks Announces New Credit Card

Source: Starbucks

Charge that morning Cappuccino away because Starbucks has launched their own credit card.

The coffee chain has teamed up with Chase bank to bring customers a credit card that is actually linked to their own Starbucks Rewards loyalty program, meaning they can earn Starbucks Stars not just at Starbucks locations but anywhere they pay by their Starbucks Chase Visa card.

The card comes with a $49 annual fee. Once you are a cardmember you also earn immediate Gold status at Starbucks and 250 stars for linking the credit card up to the Starbucks account app.

Users earn one star for every $4 spent anywhere and three stars for every $1 spent at a Starbucks store. If spend $500 on the card during the first three months you earn 2,500 stars.


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