Ben and Jen File Divorce Papers



Source: Getty Images
Any hopes of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck getting back together seem to be off the table, with the couple filing divorce papers.
The couple, who have been separated since 2015, filed their papers on the same day suggesting they hope to resolve the issue amicably.
The pair were married for ten years and have three children together. Since their separation they have worked hard to co-parent the children, with Ben living in a guesthouse on the family property and the couple taking family vacations together. With the filing of divorce papers it looks like Affleck and Garner will continue their united front – Easter Sunday saw the pair smiling as they attended church together in Los Angeles.
A source close to Ben Affleck told US Weekly, “Ben will move out and is looking for a property close by so they can continue to co-parent as they have been.”
Jennifer and Ben have been working with LA divorce attorney, Laura Wasser, who is famous for helping her celebrity clients navigate the messy business of divorce through mediation rather than going to court. According to TMZ the divorce papers were filed ‘Pro Per’ – meaning without a lawyer and the papers mirror one another suggesting it was an amicable and coordinated effort.