Unflattering Facebook Tag Leads to 60 Pound Weight Loss



Source: Natasha Pehrson
Ever been tagged in an unflattering Facebook photo? Unfortunately, it’s happened to many of us, but for one Facebook user the shocking tag led her to embark on a stunning weight loss journey.
According to Women’s Health, it all started when Natasha’s mom tagged her in a series of unflattering holiday photos.
“I remember after going to several holiday parties with my family, I got a Facebook notification that my mom had tagged me in almost a hundred photos,” Natasha, who shares her weightloss journey on social media under the user name @fitmomtasha, told Women’s Health. “My first reaction was that I needed to untag myself ASAP before anyone could see them. As I was untagging pictures without even looking at them, I realized that this was not normal or healthy. I didn’t want to continue living my life with this much insecurity.”
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Natasha decided then and there to adopt a healthier lifestyle – and the change led her to lose a whopping 60 pounds in weight.
“I picked up a Beachbody home workout DVD, started drinking a gallon of water every day, and eating lots of vegetables and lean proteins,” Natasha revealed. “Within one month of being consistent, I lost 12 pounds and felt *amazing.* Seeing that my new habits were actually working for me motivated me to keep going. Within six months I lost 50 pounds and was in the best shape of my life. I was so proud and had a newfound confidence. I became the friend planning trips to the beach.”
Natasha told Women’s Health her biggest change is the amount of water she drinks every day. “I drink at least a gallon every single day. This helps me stay hydrated, feel less hungry, and have more energy,” Natasha explains.
Along with healthy eating, Natasha also works out six days a week for 30 minutes each day by doing Beachbody on Demand workouts from home.
“Over the years I’ve completed almost every Beachbody program there is,” Natasha told Women’s Health. “I especially love the cardio, weight lifting, and dance workouts.”
“If you have a lot of weight to lose, be mentally prepared to be on your weight-loss journey for several months, even years,” advises Natasha. “There’s nothing wrong with that at all; you’re trying to make permanent lifestyle changes here. Results do not happen overnight, and you have to remind yourself of that when you get discouraged.”