Want to Burn Belly Fat? Start Your Morning With These 3 Foods



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If you want to whittle down your tummy, noshing on a plate full of pancakes every morning isn’t going to help slim down a pudgy midsection.
However, there are three food items that you should be eating for breakfast every day if you want to burn belly fat.
According to PopSugar, dietician Libby Mills stresses the importance of eating a great breakfast, sharing, “They don’t call it break-fast for nothing; you are really breaking a fast. When we go too long without food, our bodies perceive the prolonged lack of food stressfully. This can stimulate the release of cortisol, causing an elevation in blood sugar and the release of insulin. With sugar getting into the cells quickly, the result is fat specifically around the belly.”
So what are the best foods for beating belly bulge?
According to PopSugar, Mills suggests the following food items:
Beans: “Beans are the perfect package of fiber and protein with carbohydrate, and their versatility make them a great choice,” Mills told PopSugar. “One-half cup of beans delivers seven grams of protein and five grams of fiber.” Although beans for breakfast may seem a little odd, Mills suggests mixing them into a hash or omelette, or blending them into a smoothie or hummus spread.
Nuts: Next on Mills’ belly-blasting breakfast food list are nuts because they are a great source of protein and fiber.
Leafy Greens: Finally Mills told PopSugar she recommends incorporating leafy greens into our breakfasts, revealing, “Greens, specifically spinach, have 28 grams of vitamin C, which can reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure and cortisol. Spinach is a good source of magnesium, which can also help regulate cortisol. The fiber in greens are prebiotics, meaning they support the good bacteria in our guts. Too much bad bacteria can lead to health issues that can include weight gain.” Mills told PopSugar greens are easy to add to breakfast wraps, smoothies, and egg muffins.