Three Brand New Flavors Coming to Chips Ahoy



Source: Nabisco
How does a Sour Patch Kids Chips Ahoy Cookie sound? If the idea gets your taste-buds salivating you’re in luck, with Candy Hunting revealing on Instagram the unique flavor pairing will be just one of Chip Ahoy’s three brand new flavors set to debut in 2020.
According to Taste of Home, the new Sour Patch Kids flavor will be joined by the more traditional Reese’s Pieces combo and Hershey’s pairing in the new flavor line-up.
Candy Hunting shared the delicious news on Instagram, revealing the Reese’s Pieces Chip Ahoy’s will be in the mini form with small bites of peanut butter and chocolate, whereas the Hershey’s version will have chunks of chocolate embedded in the cookie for those looking for the ultimate chocolate chunk. As for how Chips Ahoy plan to incorporate Sour Patch Kids into a cookie is not yet known!
No word yet from Chips Ahoy as to when the new flavors will hit grocery stores nationwide.