The Last Remaining Toys R Us Stores Close Their Doors



Source: Getty Images
It’s officially a sad goodbye to one of America’s iconic toy stores, with the last two Toys R Us stores closing their doors.
According to the Associated Press, the only two Toys R Us stores opened in November 2019 amid a small comeback attempt by the retail chain. However, with many brick and mortar stores suffering due to weak customer traffic during the coronavirus pandemic, the locations- one in Houston, Texas, and one in Paramus, New Jersey – have been forced to shutter-up.
“As a result of COVID, we made the strategic decision to pivot our store strategy to new locations and platforms that have better traffic,” Tru Kids, a new entity formed when it acquired Toys R Us intellectual property during its 2018 liquidation, said in a statement. “Consumer demand in the toy category and for Toys R Us remains strong and we will continue to invest in the channels where the customer wants to experience our brand.”
Despite the closure of all brick and mortar Toys R Us Stores, the Toys R Us website is still in operation.