Target To Limit Self-Checkout To 10 Items Or Fewer



Starting on Sunday, customers using self-checkout lanes at Target stores nationwide will be limited to scanning 10 items or fewer.
The new Express Self-Checkout lanes will be implemented at most of Target’s 2,000 stores nationwide on March 17 after the concept was tested at around 200 stores last fall, the company said in a statement Thursday.
During the pandemic, many guests preferred using self-checkout for all their purchases because it offered them a contactless option. Today, ease and convenience are top of mind, so, to learn more about guests self-checkout preferences, we piloted the concept of Express Self-Checkout with limits of 10 items or fewer, the company said. The result: Self-checkout was twice as fast at our pilot stores.
To accommodate customers shopping for larger hauls, Target said it will be staffing more traditional checkout lanes with human cashiers.
Checking out is one of the most important moments of the Target run, and we know that a fast, easy experience — whether at self-checkout or the lanes staffed by our friendly team members — is critical to getting guests on their way quickly, the company said.
The Express Self-Checkout lanes may also have limited hours, but are expected to be open during busy times, the company said.
Store leaders have the flexibility to open more lanes staffed by team members and set self-checkout hours that are right for their store. While the hours of operation may vary based on store needs, Express Self-Checkout will be available during the busiest shopping times, Target said.
TMX contributed to this article.