Survey Finds Our Dogs Got Plumper During the Pandemic



Source: Getty Images
If you found yourself packing on a few pounds while staying at home during the pandemic you’re not alone. A new survey has found our pet pooches also got a little plumper as they hunkered down at home with their owners!
According to People, a survey from Fi and Pumpkin Pet Insurance found that 36 percent of dogs gained weight during the coronavirus pandemic because of extra food and treats.
Smart dog technology company Fi teamed up with Pumpkin Pet Insurance to survey 1000 dog owners about their four-legged friends’ quarantine life and although 36 percent said their pet pooch put on weight during the period, 25 percent revealed their dogs actually got more exercise than normal throughout the pandemic.
People reports the survey found 41 percent said they spoiled their dog with scraps from the table while 45 percent of pet owners admitted to giving their pet dogs extra treats.