Starbucks Reportedly Releasing Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwich



Source: Starbucks Canada
As more and more people are exploring meat-free diets, fast food chains have been eager to entice vegetarian customers with meatless options.
However, many people still want to experience the taste and texture of meat – and that’s where ‘Beyond Meat’ comes in.
Beyond Meat is a popular plant-based meat alternative, which has us happily switching out our regular sausage and burgers, and the option has appeared at several fast food chains.
Now Starbucks is reportedly looking to hop on the Beyond Meat bandwagon, with Taste of Home revealing the coffee-chain will soon offer a Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich, which will feature a Beyond Meat patty, flavored with spices such as oregano, fennel, rosemary and basil. The patty will be placed on an artisan bun topped with scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese. No official date as to when the new sandwich will be available at your local Starbucks in the U.S., however the meat-free option launched today at approximately 1,200 Starbucks locations in Canada today.