Paris Jackson and Macaulay Culkin Reveal Matching Tattoos



Source: Splash News
Paris Jackson and her godfather Macaulay Culkin shared pictures of their new, matching tattoos on Jackson’s Instagram stories.
The 19-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson and 36-year-old Culkin got matching spoon tattoos on their arms.

#MacaulayCulkin and Goddaughter #ParisJackson gets matching spoon #tattoos

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According to E! News the pair visited Tattoo Mania parlor in West Hollywood to have the work done.
Neither Paris nor Macaulay have revealed the significance of the spoon tattoo, but Paris – who has approximately 50 tattoos – is known to favor designs with an emotional meaning, including sharing matching yin and yang tattoos with her brother, Prince Jackson.

/yin/ [in Chinese philosophy] the passive female principle of the universe, characterized as female and sustaining and associated with structure, night, the moon, fluidity, calmness, the earth, darkness, cold, death, and ascends energy. /yang/ the active male principle of the universe, characterized as male and creative and associated with function, the sky and sun, speed, expression, heaven, heat, light, birth, and descends energy. sometimes i feel like my big brother and i always think the same thoughts, he just doesn't have a filter and always vocalizes them though total opposites, like my gooko and i, the inseparable yin and yang work together finding and causing balance within each other. matchies with my bestie @princejackson! ❤️

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