Breastfeeding Got Just Easier & More Stylish with this New Clothing Line!



Source: Leche Libre
A clothing line called Leche Libre is bring both function and style together with their new apparel line specifically geared toward breastfeeding moms.
Founder Andrea Newberry came up with the idea for the line after she became a mom. According to the company’s Kickstarter page, the “lack of fashionable options for nursing women” fueled her mission to change up the style game when it came to breastfeeding. Source: Leche Libre
The new apparel line features a zipper down the bust line for direct and easy access. Source: Leche Libre
Leche Libre’s mission is to “empower women to confidently breastfeed whenever they want, wherever they go in effortless style!” Source: Leche Libre
The collection is available for purchase on the company’s Kickstarter page. It includes three pieces – the Zip and Sip Sweatshirt, the Little Black Breastfeeding Dress and the Zipper Street Tunic. Prices range from $75-$120. All pieces range in size from 0-14 and are 100% made in the USA.
The company has surpassed their initial $20,000 fundraising goal with 12 days still to go!