Messy Partner? Marie Kondo Says To Do This



Source: Netflix

With her new series Tidying Up taking Netflix by storm and her bestselling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up schooling messy people around the world on how to once and for all tackle all that clutter, Marie Kondo may just have the magic formula to bring peace and order to our homes.

But what if your partner thwarts your dreams of a clean, organized and tidy home with their messy antics? Marie Kondo has a solution and it doesn’t involve screaming at them in frustration or tossing their belongings in the trash.

Speaking through her interpreter at the 92nd Street Y in New York City, Marie Kondo offered advice to those dealing with messy partners.

According to Pure Wow, Kondo says we should just start by using the KonMari method on our own belongings and ignore your partner’s mess.

“It’s important to not force that on your partner,” Kondo advises, adding the KonMari method can be “quite infectious.”

Kondo even says you can always start by folding your partner’s clothes, once you have decluttered your own things. Not only does everyone appreciate neatly folded clothes, but it may also rub off on your messy partner!