Meghan Markle Banned from Eating this Food Item



Source: Jaclyn Locke/Pinterest
There’s one food item the new Duchess of Sussex won’t be chowing down on during her public appearances – garlic.
According to Food & Wine, garlic has been a big no no on the Queen’s menu for years, with the royal chef confirming they never use garlic and only use onions sparingly when preparing dishes for the head of the royal family and sadly self-confessed foodie Meghan will have to abide by the same rules.
There is a reason behind the garlic ban and it all comes down to bad breath.
According to the English tabloid the Express, the royal family avoids eating garlic during public appearances so they don’t overwhelm anyone with bad breath. They also avoid eating shellfish while on official duties lest they should fall prey to food poisoning.
However, in private, the newly appointed Duchess can eat as much shellfish and garlic as she desires!