Meghan King Edmonds Leaving Real Housewives of Orange County



Source: Bravo TV
Meghan King Edmonds has revealed she will leave Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County, calling the decision “bittersweet.”
Busy mom Meghan, who is pregnant with twins, made the announcement on her blog telling fans, “I arrived at this multifaceted decision after much thought, and then I thought some more. As you might suspect filming this show takes a massive emotional toll: I’m literally filming my real life in real time and engaged in situations and circumstances which can be contentious.”
“Then when the show airs, we relive some trying of the most trying moments in our lives and then endure the public’s reaction; we never come out as winners to every viewer,” Meghan explained.
“Filming is grueling,” Meghan told fans on her blog. “After my first season I knew what to expect for round two, but even still, filming during IVF and then the beginning of pregnancy during my second season was difficult. I was hormonal and tired all the time. But my third season takes the cake: I had a newborn and I had to hire a full time live-in nanny (my cousin) as as to allow me the flexibility to meet my obligations of continuous days and long hours of filming, traveling, etc.”
Meghan realized during filming the reunion for season 12 of the show she was done. She told fans she needs to focus on her family and husband – and most importantly “growing the twins.”
“I want to have a peaceful pregnancy with positive influences,” Meghan confided on her blog. “Consistent positive influences are harder to find on RHOC.”
Meghan also announced she and husband Jim Edmonds would be relocating to the midwest to build a dream home for their growing family.
“I know this is what I must do. I must focus on my family and my pregnancy…I have made soul sisters in Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge and that can’t be lost…They have touched my heart and I would do anything for them,” Meghan said of two of her RHOC castmates. “But I guess it’s time for me to become an actual real housewife of sorts. Oh, the irony!”