Many Parents Opting for Remote Learning, New Survey Reveals



Source: Getty Images
A new poll carried out by NBC News and Surveymonkey has found that most parents in the US are opting to not send their kids back to the classroom this fall.
The poll has found just 17 percent of parents will be sending their children back full time to school this year, with the majority opting for either remote learning or a hybrid of remote and in-class schooling.
According to NBC News, it’s not just parents who are feeling uneasy sending their children back to school during the coronavirus pandemic, teachers are feeling equally concerned.
“Most large public school districts have opted for fully online learning, but some have already returned to in-person classes and new cases of COVID-19 have already been reported at schools in Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia, and Tennessee,” USA Today reports. “Colleges and universities, meanwhile, are increasingly altering earlier plans and opting for online fall semesters.”
According to Fox News, one worry from parents is their children bringing the virus home, even if they are asymptomatic.
“A major concern with kids going to school is that even if they don’t get sick [themselves] if they do get the virus, they can still pass it to parents and grandparents who may be at high risk,” Dr. Roberto Posada, a pediatric infectious disease physician in NYC told Fox News.
To lessen the exposure if children go back to school, Dr. Posada told Fox News he recommends the following measures:
* Practice having your child wear a mask so they get comfortable wearing one.
* Reinforce the importance of keeping the mask on at school.
* Make children immediately wash their hands after returning from play or school.
* Continually educate your child on the importance of washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.