Can Asparagus Cure a Hangover?



Source: Food Network via Pinterest
It’s the viral TikTok remedy that has many hoping for a hangover-free summer, but can asparagus really cure the morning-after effects of a night of booze?
The TODAY show consulted registered dietician and nutritionist Samantha Cassetty to take a further look at the TikTok claims and whether eating asparagus before embarking on a night of frivolity can really cure a hangover the next day.
“Asparagus does have bioactive substances that in cell studies were found to have an effect on protecting your liver cells and modifying the effect of alcohol,” Cassetty told TODAY. “There is biologic plausibility to that theory; however, it is certainly not a magic bullet.”
Sadly, Cassetty told TODAY it’s “far from proven” asparagus can prevent a hangover and it’s impossible to tell how much asparagus you would need to consume to have any effect.
Still, Cassetty said if you “wanted to add asparagus to your hangover regimen, I don’t think it would be damaging unless you were having some (gastrointestinal) distress.”