Makeup Tips for Dry Winter Skin



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The dry winter air and strong gusts of wind can play havoc with your skin, especially on the face which is hard to shield from frosty elements.
If winter has your skin feeling a little dry and makeup is only making it worse, follow these tips to ensure your winter makeup looks just as fabulous as it does in Spring, Fall and Summer.
Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize Source: iStock
In the cold winter months there is no such thing as too much moisturizer. Battling the elements outside and dealing with the dry heat indoors can leave skin parched. Use a good night moisturizer before you hit the sack and a lighter moisturizer for day time, plus don’t forget the delicate area around the eye calls for some added moisture. Same goes for lips – apply a good lip balm at night and underneath makeup in the morning.
Use a Face Primer Source: YouTube
It’s a must for dry skin. Before applying foundation use a face primer to plump up the skin and allow foundation to glide on smoothly. You can even mix the primer in with your foundation to save time.
Choose the Right Foundation Source: Pinterest
During the dry months of winter powdered foundation is a big no no. Instead opt for a liquid, or cream foundation that will provide extra moisture to the skin. Apply with a dampened beauty blender by pressing the foundation into your skin, and if your face is extremely dry try adding in a tiny amount of vitamin E oil, almond oil or argan oil.
Go Easy on Bronzer Source: Pinterest
With the rest of your body looking so pale, go easy on bronzer. Instead opt for a blush – a cream blush will give dry skin more of a glow than a powdered blush – and cream blush is less likely to settle in the cracks of dry skin.
Use a Waterproof Mascara Source: Raydene Salinas
Faced with Arctic blasts of wind can leave your eyes streaming with tears, so opt for a waterproof mascara to avoid raccoon eyes.
Use a Gentle Face Wash Source: iStock
Dry winter skins calls for gentle pampering. Avoid washing your face with harsh ingredients and instead opt for something a little more soothing.