Greasy Roots and Dry Ends? Try These Hair Tips



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Does it sometimes feel as though your hair has two personalities? Your ends are dry and could go days without a shampoo, yet your greasy roots scream for a daily cleanse? Hairdressers say you’re not alone. Whether it’s from over-processing, heat damage, poor diet or hereditary, there is help for hair fighting a dual personality issue.
Use a Dry Shampoo: If you have to wash those locks everyday to combat the root grease, try skipping a day and using dry shampoo on the roots instead. It will give your ends a break from daily washing. Source: Pinterest
Use a Leave-in Conditioner: Conditioning your whole head every time you wash is just going to exacerbate the greasy roots problem. Instead, after washing use conditioner on the lower lengths of the hair. Wait two minutes then apply a tiny amount to the rest of the hair before washing out. For really dry roots try a good, lightweight, leave-in conditioner and apply to the ends only. Hair oil can also be used on the ends only. Looking for a more natural deep conditioner for dry ends? Coconut oil and Vitamin E oil are full of healthy moisture.
Use a Heat Protectant Spray: Big fan of the flat iron? Use a heat protectant spray on the ends of the hair before using. It will help protect those fragile, dry ends.
Find the Right Shampoo: Try switching up your shampoos until you find one that suits your hair’s personality. There are special shampoos designed specifically for greasy roots and dry ends. Sometimes dandruff can accompany greasy roots – if that’s the case try a good anti-dandruff shampoo.