Katy Perry Launches New Androgynous Scent



Source: Patrick Kovarik/AFP/Getty Images
Katy Perry’s new scent INDI is all about embracing your individuality, so much so the new scent is not marketed as a uni-sex scent, rather an androgynous one that anyone can wear. The new scent includes eleven different types of musks, with Katy revealing of the scent, “With INDI I finally got to play with a bold musk scent. It’s a combination of feminine and masculine, and it’s sexy without being too in your face.”
“It’s about expressing your true self and enhancing the incredible individual you are,” Katy said in a press release.

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The scent is a departure from the sweet floral scents Katy has created in the past. Speaking to Cosmopolitan Katy shared, “I’ve been experimenting lately with more androgynous looks, not your typical feminine one, and redefining what that means to me.”
INDI will be sold exclusively at Walgreens and ranging in price from $25 – $45.