Heather Locklear Expected to Return to Rehab



Source: Amanda Edwards/Discovery via Getty Images
Heather Locklear is expected to return to rehab following her arrest over the weekend.
According to ET the actress was arrested on counts of misdemeanor battery on an officer and emergency personnel after she kicked an officer at her home who wanted her to be evaluated due to her level of intoxication. Locklear also reportedly kicked EMT personnel who were evaluating her.
Sources close to the star revealed to ET, Locklear’s family are feeling a sense of relief that the 56-year-old will most likely return to rehab, telling the news outlet, “They hope this time she will take rehab seriously and turn her life around for herself and her daughter. Her family finally has been coming to terms with the fact that if they continued to help her get out of trouble she would just repeat the same pattern. They know she has been completely out of control and it’s scary for everyone involved. Rehab is the only solution at this point.”
“Heather has been warned that she is losing both friends and family members to this disease,” the source told ET who added Heather has reached rock bottom. “Making the decision to check into a facility is truly her only choice. They all just hope this time she will stay in rehab for the full time she needs and will dedicate herself to living a clean and sober life.”