Oprah Reveals “Very Serious” Pneumonia Scare



Source: Getty Images
Oprah Winfrey has revealed she recently went through a health scare, something that landed her in the hospital.
The culprit? Pneumonia – except, like many people, Oprah shared she thought she was suffering from a cold.
“I came back from overseas and thought I had a cold, but it wasn’t a cold,” the media mogul told Ellen Degeneres during an appearance on Ellen. “I ended up in the emergency room and they said, ‘You have pneumonia.’”
“Pneumonia is nothing to play with y’all,” Oprah told the audience. “It is very serious.”
One of the tell-tale signs Oprah was suffering from pneumonia is that she was experiencing chest rattling. Other symptoms include fever, cough, and difficulty breathing.
After a lung specialist put a stethoscope on her chest, Oprah reveals he immediately told her to “cancel everything.”
“I’ve never cancelled anything in my life,” Oprah shared. “I work when I’m sick.”
Fortunately, Oprah followed the doctor’s orders and made a full recovery, but is urging others to practice prevention.
“Don’t play with it,” Oprah told Ellen. “Get your flu shots and get your pneumonia shots, it’s nothing to play with. It takes people out.”