Fashion 2017 – What’s In and What’s Out!



Source: Kate Spade
2017 will see some fashion trends stay and others go. Stripes, sneakers, bold patterns, mules and athletic-inspired pieces will still place an integral part of the wardrobe.
But there are a few 2016 trends some of us will be more than glad to say goodbye to! Many of us will be happy to know that corsets and stiletto heels are not on the fashion radar for 2017. Instead there will be more focus on easy to wear items – the growing athleisure trends and comfortable platform shoes. Source: Pinterest
Also fading into fashion history will be flowery, romantic type clothing. Instead expect to see clothes with a more asymmetrical line to them – with a strong, powerful, sometimes masculine look. Think 1980’s power suits with a modern update. Tulip flares, flowy lingerie looks and romantic velvet’s are all out.
Although they have been in vogue for quite a few years now expect to see skinny jeans updated and even replaced with vintage silhouettes. Source: Pinterest
Heels are out with sensible fashionistas leaning towards mules, low-stacked heels, or platforms with ankle straps. Sneakers will still be popular but there will be a trend towards embellished fitness shoes.
Fashion with a purpose will be big for 2017 with tees, sweaters and bags all touting slogans of some kind.
Bags will be over-sized with asymmetrical embellishments. Source: Pinterest
And lastly look to the 1980’s for inspiration. 2017 will see the 80’s looks rewired with a modern twist – but still retaining the fashion fun-loving element the decade was known for.