Chuck E. Cheese Game Show In The Works



Chuck E. Cheese
A new Chuck E. Cheese game show is in the works, from Top Chef and Nailed It! producer Magical Elves.
Chuck E. Cheese, known for hosting millions of kids’ birthday parties — and the now retired animatronic band led by the anthropomorphic mouse Charles Entertainment Cheese — will soon be the subject of a game show with adult competitors.
The game show is set to feature comedic physical challenges for pairs of big kids, or adults, to compete at supersized arcade games including pinball, air hockey, alley roller and the human claw. The pair who earns the most tickets will be able to exchange them for prizes at a massive version of the Chuck E. Cheese prize wall.
With a legacy spanning over four decades, Chuck E. Cheese has been an integral part of the family experience for both kids and adults across the world, Melissa McLeanas, VP of Global Licensing, Media, and Branded Entertainment Development of Chuck E. Cheese, said in a statement. We are thrilled to be working with Magical Elves, whose deep expertise in unscripted content make them the perfect partner to capture the wholesome competitive spirit tied to childhood memories and transform the Chuck E. Cheese experience for television.
Magical Elves is the producer behind reality and game series including Bravo’s Top Chef, Netflix’s Nailed It! and Sugar Rush, and Oxygen’s Cold Justice.
Chuck E. Cheese is THE place where a kid can be a kid — but as grown adults, we still have dreams of ruling the arcade, taking on the iconic games we love, said Magical Elves co-CEOs Jo Sharon and Casey Kriley. We’re excited to celebrate these legendary arcade games plus the best of today, all with a super-sized twist.
Chuck E. Cheese late last year announced the retirement of its iconic animatronic animal bands, which were the brainchild of founder Nolan Bushnell, who also co-founded Atari. Originally called Chuck E. Cheese”s Pizza Time Theater when it was founded in 1977, the chain is considered the first family restaurant to feature arcade games and animated entertainment.
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