Canned Wines? They Really Are a Thing!



Source: Flip Flop Wines
Canned wines really are a thing and it makes carting a whole bottle of wine to the beach, park, parties, or festivals so much more portable and easier.
Ryan Harms, producer of Underwood wine reveals of the canned wine trend, “Putting wine in cans not only saves on packaging costs, it opens up the wine-drinking experience where it had previously been difficult, such as outdoor events or where portability is needed.”

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Millennials seem to be spurring forth the canned wine trend and winemakers are eager to hop on board, giving wine lovers a variety of canned goods to choose from, whether it be spritzers, moscato, or pinot noir!

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Francis Ford Coppola and his daughter Sofia have even created their Sofia Blanc de Blancs canned wine to come complete with a straw for easy drinking.
Nielson reports from 2015 to 2016 sales of canned wine more than doubled and canned wine enthusiasts spent more than $14.5 million on the goods last year alone. They also report table wines are becoming more popular in a can than sparkly ones.
If summer has you on a beverage budget you can take advantage of Trader Joe’s canned wine, which they sell in four-pack for just $4!