Build-A-Bear Offers Those With Leap Day Birthdays $4 Birthday Treat Bears On Feb. 29



Build-A-Bear Workshop
Build-A-Bear Workshop announced it will offer a special gift for those with Leap Day birthdays on Feb. 29 — a $4 Birthday Treat Bear.
Around 200,000 people in the U.S. have Feb. 29 birth dates, which only come around once every four years. An extra day is added to the calendar on Feb. 29 every four years to make up for the extra .24 days in Earth’s orbit around the sun each year.
Those with Leap Day birthdays can visit participating Build-A-Bear Workshops to build a Birthday Treat Bear for just $4, in a nod to their once-every-four-years birthdays.
We understand the rarity of being born on Leap Day, and we wanted to extend a special gesture for those who celebrate on their special day once every four years, Sharon Price John, President and CEO, said in a statement. The Birthday Treat Bear brings such joy to our guests year-round and this offer is our way of adding an extra layer of excitement and heart to the occasion for those born on February 29.
The special offer is an extension of the brand’s popular Pay Your Age promotion, which allows children to build a Birthday Treat Bear during their birthday month at a price matching the age they are turning. The Birthday Treat Bear is regularly priced at $14.
The $4 Leap Day offer will only be available in-store at participating Workshops on Thursday, Feb. 29.
TMX contributed to this article.