Life Hacks That Will Improve Your Life



We humans, by nature, are innovators. We are always looking for a simpler, cheaper, and more convenient way of getting things done. These 70 outside the box life hacks will have you thinking like a true inventor, and looking for even more life hacks you never considered that are not listed. Click NEXT to continue.

Life Hack #1

Wrap a rubber band around your paint can and use it to wipe excess paint off of the brush when you dip it.

Life Hack #2

Cut a slit in a tennis ball and use it to hold items, such as keys or mail.

Life Hack #3

Use a straw to remove the stem off of your strawberry.

Life Hack #4

The clips from pants hangars also work great as a chip clip.

Life Hack #5

Quickly cool down your beverage by wrapping the bottle in a wet paper towel and placing it in the freezer for a couple of minutes.

Life Hack #6

Avoid hitting your finger with a hammer by using clothes pins to hold the nail before hammering it in.

Life Hack #7

Empty CD packages work great as a bagel tote.

Life Hack #8

Hang a tennis ball from the ceiling in your garage to help you know when you are fully parked.

Life Hack #9

Save time cleaning up, and save money on paint trey liners, by wrapping a plastic bag around your paint tray.

Life Hack #10

Empty toilet paper rolls work great for plant starters.

Life Hack #11

Use a pants hangar to old your cook book open in front of you.

Life Hack #12

Use a green marker to create “anti theft sandwich bags”, they give the perception of a moldy sandwich which will deter any would be thief’s.

Life Hack #13

Organize all those tangled wires with empty toilet paper rolls.

Life Hack #14

Make perfectly sized, mess free pancakes by putting the batter in an empty ketchup bottle.

Life Hack #15

Protect your personal items from sand, and hide them from thief’s, by making a holder out of empty suntan lotion bottles.

Life Hack #16

Use an empty muffin baking tray to serve condiments at your next BBQ.

Life Hack #17

Use your glasses as a stand to hold your phone upright.

Life Hack #18

Use different color nail polishes to identify your keys.

Life Hack #19

Don’t water down your wine by chilling it with ice cubes, freeze grapes instead.

Life Hack #20

Empty toilet paper rolls will keep your unused wrapping paper rolls from unwinding.

Life Hack #21

Before spending money on expensive scratch removal products for your wood furniture, try rubbing a walnut on it first.

Life Hack #22

When your sink is too small to fit your bucket in, you may be able to use your dust pan as an extender to get the water into the bucket as it sits on the floor.

Life Hack #23

Key rings make for a great finger loop for your zipper problems.

Life Hack #24

If you regularly leave your house and wonder to yourself a couple minutes later if you locked your door, try doing something unusual when you lock it such as pat yourself on the head, or tie your shoes after you lock your door, so it is easier to remember if you actually locked it.

Life Hack #25

Pool noodles make for the perfect bumpers to install in your garage so that you don’t ding up your car door.

Life Hack #26

When your baby gets too big for their crib, you might be able to re-purpose it into a desk.

Life Hack #27

Did you forget the plug for your phone charger? No worries there are many pieces of technology out there that currently have USB ports, try checking the nearest TV or your laptop.

Life Hack #28

Tie two cords together to keep them from coming apart.

Life Hack #29

Fill your water bottle halfway and lay it on its side then freeze it, you will be able to fill up the other half for a lasting cool bottle of water that will last longer than using ice cubes.

Life Hack #30

For those of you who don’t want to spend the extra money on a bluetooth speaker for your I phone, you can make your own speaker from two red cups and an empty toilet paper roll.

Life Hack #31

Don’t burn your fingers trying to light a candle that has gotten too far down, use a piece of spaghetti instead.

Life Hack #32

Get every strand of hair in the pony tail by using the vacuum to pull it all together.

Life Hack #33

Quickly identify your luggage at the airport by trying a distinct, bright colored, ribbon on to one of the handles.

Life Hack #34

Keep the door from latching shut by putting a rubber band on each side of the handle, and over the latch.

Life Hack #35

If your college dorm room is smelling a bit funky, you may be able to freshen it up by placing some dryer sheets over the intake vents on your window air conditioner unit.

Life Hack #36

Doritos actually make for great kindling.

Life Hack #37

Coating your shoes in bees wax makes for a great water deterrent.

Life Hack #38

Put old news paper in the bottom of your trash liner to soak up any liquids that get thrown in there.

Life Hack #39

Put the light on your phone under a drink bottle to make a lantern that will give you ambient light.

Life Hack #40

Put the spring from a pen on the end of your phone charger to prevent it from bending and breaking.

Life Hack #41

If the feet on your keyboard break off, try using a binder clip for the feed instead.

Life Hack #42

Place a wooden spoon over the top of a boiling pot to prevent the foam from flowing over the top.

Life Hack #43

Freeze a wet sponge inside of a zip-lock bag to make an ice pack that wont drip everywhere when it thaws.

Life Hack #44

Tape pool noodles under the fitted sheet on the edges of the bed to keep the kids from rolling off.

Life Hack #45

Get in trouble and required to write sentences? tape 5 pens together to get them done 5 times faster. For the parents, look for anomalies in the sentences to detect whether this has been done.

Life Hack #46

Binder clips make for the perfect razor blade cover.

Life Hack #47

Another great use for binder clips, get the most out of your tooth paste bottles.

Life Hack #48

Put a bread bag clip on your roll of tape so you can always find the end, paper clips work great as well.

Life Hack #49

Unflavored dental floss can also be used to cut cheese.

Life Hack #50

Cut the top off of an empty plastic bottle and use it to close up your opened plastic bags.

Life Hack #51

If you want to add oil to your car but don’t have a funnel, you can run the oil down the side of a screwdriver.

Life Hack #52

Use Velcro to keep your rugs from sliding around.

Life Hack #53

Make a tray of grilled cheeses by placing them between two cookie sheets, the sandwiches will be crisp on the outside and the cheese will be nice and gooey.

Life Hack #54

Wrap your hanging clothes in plastic bags when you are moving.

Life Hack #55

Put your phone in a plastic bag so that you can mount it to the seat in front of you while traveling.

Life Hack #56

Get the last bit out of your jar of Nutella by making it into an ice-cream treat.

Life Hack #57

Use a large caribeaner to carry several grocery bags at once.

Life Hack #58

Separate egg yolks by sucking them into an empty water bottle. Simply squeeze the bottle, place the opening up to the yolk gently, and release.

Life Hack #59

Make a watering can out of an empty milk jug.

Life Hack #60

Put a Lazy Susan in your refrigerator.

Life Hack #61

No cup holder? No problem, just use your shoe.

Life Hack #62

Turn the tab on your side can around and use it as a straw holder.

Life Hack #63

Stick a fork into the center of your Oreo’s and use it for dipping rather than making a mess with your fingers.

Life Hack #64

Use a blow dryer to heat up the glue on unwanted stickers to make them easier to remove.

Life Hack #65

Put a nylon stalking over the end of the vacuum and use it to collect valuable small items from hard to reach places.

Life Hack #66

Clean the gunk off of your shower head by filling a plastic bag with vinegar and attaching it to the head with a wire tie or rubber band, leave over night.

Life Hack #67

What could be better than combining your bacon and pancakes into one?

Life Hack #68

If your cat tends to walk on your desk while you are working, put a box out for them to lay in so they don’t walk on the keyboard.

Life Hack #69

Use a magnetic rack to de-clutter your bathroom.

Life Hack #70

Use a staple remover to easily open key rings.