Hilarious Photos Of People Having Fun With Statues



The world is full of statues, and where some of them have easy access points, humans will exploit it. You won’t believe some of the things statues have to endure in their everyday life! Enjoy this hilarious collection of people having fun with statues. Click NEXT to start slideshow.

Tug Of War

There appears to be a dispute over the custody of this child.

The World’s Smartest Ant Eater

We are told they were working on a class project.

Ballroom Dancing

This kiddo is already teaching ballroom dancing classes.


It would seem that the guy in the superman shirt deserved it.

Batter Up

This is what a home run looks like.

Curve Ball

This statue was determined not to let that one slip by.


This statue with an odd shaped head appears to have had a spiritual awakening now that this kind man has shared some beer with it.

Ben Franklin

It’s probably to everyone’s benefit that the founding fathers did not have to deal with the internet and smart phones.

Making Some Adjustments

These ladies all have something in common, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.


Nothing quite screams “murica” like a guy riding an eagle spraying two bottles of booze into the air.

Family picnic

This is quite possibly one of the creepiest things on the internet.

Did This Kid Get His Head Stuck In There?

Someone should probably check on this, where are his parents?


This man has made it appear as if he is getting choked by a very tall statue guy. Now that’s funny.

Cross Country Skiing

It appears to be a little warm out for cross country skiing, but sure, pretend that you are.

Kids Getting Eaten

Ok, this statue is just really weird. They even made it look like it has saliva in its mouth.

What Is That?

It is hard to tell what that statue is supposed to be eating, but it looks like some kind of burrito.

Unlucky Turtle

We are glad that this man does not have a turtle available to him to sit on.


These two definitely share some of the same genes, might even be twins.

Gazing in the Distance

What do you suppose is over there?

Giant Bird

Something tells me this giant bird statue gets abused frequently.

Giving Directions

This is what people did before GPS was invented.

Happy Gorilla

This gorilla looks to be quite happy choking this guy, check out that grin.

World’s Luckiest Statue

This statue has gone where no other statue has gone before, and we commend him for it.


Everyone looking at this probably has thought to themselves that it would be funny if the statue grapes fell off and clunked this guy in the face.

Big Hammer

The world’s biggest hammer that is used for smashing humans!

Working On A Railroad

This was both the wrong time, and the wrong place, for this guy to be.

The Highest High Five Ever

He’s going to need a ladder to complete this high five.

Hungry Hungry Hippo

Woman gets eaten by hippo…not something you see every day. This is what it would look like.

Parent Walking Through Grocery Store

Who hasn’t seen someone walking through a store or elsewhere like this with their kid? This statue portrays it perfectly, and then the actual kid holding on to it makes it even more realistic.

Horse Racing

Something tells me that these guys may have had a little too much to drink.

Kissing In The Park

The facial expression on this statue is pretty creepy.

Not Interested

It appears that this statue has no interest in kissing this woman.

The Village Pervert

This guy would be doing that. But in reality a lot of people probably just do it out of curiosity.


These guys could be related.

Digging For Gold

The nasty thing is this guy is probably not the only one who has been sticking that statue’s finger in his nose.

Drunk Statue

This is the second time that this statue has shown up, with its strange triangle-shaped head. It appears to be intoxicated from all the beer the other guy gave it.


At least this one won’t be charging you $400 an hour.


Who wouldn’t want this statue in their front yard? Minus the guy of course.

One-Eyed Monster

We are not sure what this creature is supposed to be, but appears to have some sort of map on it.

Razor Burn

That’s all you will get using a cheap razor like that.


They’ve been trying to get snoopy back in show biz, but he seems to be happier with what he is doing instead these days.


The statue is about to give this woman a little tap on the rear.

Kissing The Sphinx

The sphinx getting kissed by an authentic Egyptian woman is just what the internet needed.

My Bum Is On Its Lips

We are not sure exactly what is happening here, but hopefully it stops soon.

The Real Spiderman

With the city in chaos, where is Spiderman? Being choked by a statue of course.

Anyone Got A Light?

The Statue Of Liberty, probably not a good idea to steal her lighter.


Someone stop that guy! He’s stealing that poor statue’s briefcase! Just kidding he’s not going anywhere with it, it’s attached to the ground.

Cinco De Mayo

This statue knows how to party, and that’s perfectly fine with the girl drinking his booze.

The Wolf Of Wall Street

It’s possible that he was arrested shortly after.

The Cowardly Lion

These two look like they are getting a little too close for even the internet to be comfortable with.