Most Hilarious Gym Photos



The gym can be a very motivating and energetic place full of interesting people. Whether it is the choice of gym attire, choice of workout and technique or just all around odd behavior, these people have us smacking our foreheads with the most ridiculous gym photos you’ve ever seen. Click the NEXT button to start slideshow.

The Baby-Sitting BodyBuilder

Talk about multi-tasking.

No Couch Potato Here

Doubtful he’s got much flexibility in this costume, but I’m sure he’s workin’ up a sweat!

Thinking Outside the Box

This dude is getting a little too creative with his workouts.

The Show-Off

You better re-rack all those weights when you’re done bro!

V is for Victory?

Sir, you’re doing it all wrong!

Segway Session

Absolutely no calories are being burned during this activity.

Gym Outfit on Point

Forget boring running shorts or a t-shirt for your workout and instead opt for a feline-inspired leotard like this guy!

Gym Serenade

This dude gets his own live personal playlist.

Snooze Button

Taking a snooze in between sets.

Footwear Fail

This woman opts for stilettos versus sneakers when she’s trying to build a booty.

Baby Steps

This little tike is starting his training at an early age.

Take the stairs? Nah.

Because god forbid you work up a sweat arriving to the gym?

Scary Squats

Getting a good pump in before the Halloween costume contest. May we suggest ditching the Nike sneaks though, they don’t go with the outfit.


I think he’s ‘heading’ in the wrong direction. Get it?

Downward Dog?

This pup wants to be just like his master. Doggie yoga anyone?

Gym Plank

Planking at its finest!

Building Ronald McDonald Muscles

Getting in a gym session in between McDonald’s shifts.

Batman Breaks a Sweat

If I train like Batman, maybe I will be Batman.

Superhero Set

Because why not wear a full Spiderman outfit during your workout.

The Constant Selfie-Taker

The gym can turn into social hour. Time to put down the phones and pick up some weights!

Frogger Hits the Gym

Because why not workout in a full on frog costume?

Break a Leg

Maybe she’s trying to break in her heels prior to a night of dancing?

Someone Call a Medic

This could end badly.

Pay Attention!

< He wasn’t expecting to see what he saw in between his shoulder presses!

Photographic Evidence

She’s obviously happy with her results!


Don’t think he checked the diagram on how to use this leg press.

French Fry Fuel

Don’t think this guy has the right idea when it comes to a healthy snack.

Self Sabatoge

Sign up for this gym if you want to seriously sabotage your weight loss goals.

Selfies in Between Sets

This looks like the perfect prop for my gym selfie.

Don’t Get Distracted

Pay attention, your gym partner needs you!

Treadmill Fail

I think this defeats the purpose.

Getting a Good Stretch

Not sure which muscle this guy is stretching out, but we’re pretty sure he’s not doing it right.


This looks like the perfect place to take a snooze during sets.

Working Out his Brain

Looks like a nice, quiet place to get in a good read.

No Helmet Needed

Can you spot the fail in this photo?

Off With Your Head!

This guy got creative in dealing with his height.

A Balancing Act

Can someone please explain the point of this?

Flip Flop Fail

Swinging by the gym on the way to the beach.

Better Have 911 on Standby

This won’t end well.

The Equipment Hog

This looks like the perfect place for a chat.


Either he has tried to master the art of multi-tasking or he has a serious social media addiction.

The Selfie Queen

If you’re in the gym, chances are these days, you’ll notice one or two patrons snapping pictures of themselves. Some are just more vain than others!

Stop Texting!

Texting and train don’t mix!

Chatting It Up

Conference call in between curls not allowed.

Underwear Model Aspirations

So much inappropriateness on so many levels.

Dessert Distraction

This is no place for ice cream sundaes!

Suns Out Buns Out

Is someone going to tell her she’s using the machine wrong? Probably not.

Less Browsing, More Exercising

The easiest workout you’ll ever do.

Lopsided Squats

The next few seconds aren’t looking too good. Where’s the spotter!

Pillow Replacement?

Maybe he thinks if he dreams it, a gym body will come!

Crunching Numbers and Calories

Working while getting a workout? Efficiency at its finest!

Liquid Motivation

No protein shakes here. Instead, this woman opts for sips from her martini in between sets.

Stuck in His Way

Can someone please get a trainer?

Getting A Laugh

Do you think anyone will tell her she’s doing it wrong?

Creative Technique

Which muscle group is this working exactly?

You’re Doing it Wrong!

Seriously, where are the trainers when you need them.

Inappropriate Use of Equipment

Sorry to break it to you, but this isn’t the machine to show off your splits.

Wrong Way!

This guy forgot to read the manual before trying out the elliptical machine. Hint: You shouldn’t be upside down.


I think this guy needs to schedule an appointment with the nutritionist…ASAP!

Stiletto Squats

Slip on a pair of stilettos for the ultimate booty workout. Just don’t break a heel or you might wind up in the hospital.

Improper Placement of Electrical Outlets

Of all places to insert an electrical outlet…really?

Mental Workout

Meditation for a mental workout.

Training Gear

This guy opts for combat boots and a pair of denims when he trains.