30 Movie Mistakes Revealed



The next time you see these movies, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the discreet mistakes that are about to be to revealed to you. The reality is, not everything comes out perfect, and that includes in Hollywood. Here are just some classic titles which we’ve found some issues with, enjoy. Click NEXT to continue.


The movie Braveheart was set in the 1300’s. Kilts were not actually worn in Scotland until the 16th century. That did not stop Mel Gibson from wearing one in his roll as William Wallace.

The Aviator

In The Aviator, Howard Hughes, played by the one and only Leonardo Dicaprio, buys a box of chocolate chip cookies. There is just one problem with that, the scene takes place in 1928 and chocolate chip cookies were not invented until the 1930’s.

Django Unchained

Django is wearing Sunglasses, which are cool, but it’s not likely that he would have been wearing them without a prescription. Because they were only issued by doctors at the time.


Lake Wissota was formed by a dam in the year 1917. That didnt stop Jack from telling Rose that he and his father used to go there ice fishing, before the titanic sunk, in 1912.

The Book Of Eli

Denzel Washington’s character guarded a bible written in brail, in the movie The Book Of Eli. The problem is that brail texts are significantly longer than the original, meaning his bible would need to be about 38 times bigger.

Back To The Future

In order to be jamming out on this guitar in the year 1955, Marty and Doc Brown would have had to make a stop in 1958…because that’s when this kind of guitar was invented.

The Lord Of The Rings

If Gandalf’s watch seems a little bit out of place, that’s probably because it wouldn’t have been invented until a couple of centuries later. But he was also a wizard, so you never know!

Panic Room

According to science, propane is heavier than air and would stay to the ground when released. Jodie Foster’s character in Panic Room, set some propane on fire and hit the deck as it rose upwards. That’s not exactly how things would have actually happened.


Xerxes army used bombs in the movie 300. There is just one problem with that, black powder was not invented until the 9th century. So bombs were not very likely in those times.

Independence Day

Look closely at the address of the Empire State building in Independence Day. It is different from the actual address that the Empire State building is really located in NYC.

Saving Private Ryan

The Ural-M63 motorcycle that Captain Miller finds when he is injured, did not exist until 18 years after the time the movie Saving Private Ryan took place.

Django Unchained

Leonardo Dicaprio injured himself during the filming of Django Unchained. This happened during the dining scene, when he hit his hand on the table. Leo pulled through though, and even though he was bleeding profusely, the act was flawless.

American Sniper

The fake baby that was used in American Sniper couldn’t have gotten anyone to truly believe it was real?

Rumble In The Bronx

While filming Rumble In The Bronx, Jackie Chan injured his food. It is well known that Chan performs his own stunts, this clearly comes with some risks. He had to finish filming the movie in a cast, which was concealed with a sock.


During a struggle scene, Robert Downey Jr. caused actual injury to Halle Berry’s arm. It would follow that Berry became agitated with Downey Jr. But they managed to finish shooting the film anyways.

The Lion King

Go back to your childhood by watching The Lion King, you will notice that Nala’s eyes appear different colors at different scenes.


Who do you suppose the man in the hat is? Another Braveheart blooper!

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

The muggle kneeling down among st the student wizards is suspiciously out of place. This is in the duel scene where Snape pulls Malfoy into a seat.


Airplanes did not exactly exist in the times of Troy and Sparta. So one can logically conclude that this is a blooper.

The Matrix

The camera comes into clear view in the reflection of this doorknob in The Matrix. Looks like there was no dodging that bullet.

Pirates Of The Caribbean

Now we know the favorite brand of clothing amongst pirates, it appears to be Adidas.

Pretty Woman

Who else noticed that Julie Roberts croissant turned into a pancake in Pretty Woman? That’s some breakfast!


After Spidey shattrs the lamp while web practicing, Aunt May enters the room and the lamp is good as new. As far as we know fixing broken lamps is not one of Spiderman’s abilities!

Spy Kids

Looks like the Cameraman didn’t do a very good job taking into account the mirror that was in front of him, when filming the movie Spy Kids.


In the scene where Deadpool falls into the dumpster, he leaves his swords behind. However when he climbs out, the swords appear on his back. The weapons again dissapears when he walks down the stairs to his apartment. Probably won’t make for a very good hero if he keeps this up.

Jungle Book

The the scenes of The Jungle Book that involve heavy downpoor, you will notice that the drops do not splash on Mowgli or the creatures. This is likely do to them being a computer generated special effect and not actual rain.

Star Wars

A storm trooper walked right into a door pane during the filming of this scene in Star Wars. Try and be a little more careful next time ok?


This gas cylinder attached to an overturned chariot seems a bit out of place, in the movie Gladiator. This is in the Colosseum scene in the Battle of Carthage.

The Princess And The Frog

Gold earings in one shoot, but not in the other. Hopefully Tiana didn’t loose them!

Fast And Furious 7

The windows remain unscathed in this massive explosion. In reality, they would have been shattered from the force of the blast. That’s movies for you though, they don’t always mix with science.

Rain Man

While Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman are in a telephone booth together in the film Rain Man, Hoffman lets one rip!

Forrest Gump

The company Apple sends Forrest a letter in 1975, where he learns that he has hit a windfall by buying shares of it. In reality Apple wouldn’t become public until 1981.


The movie Gladiator took place in the year 180. Rossel Crowe’s character goes by the name “The Spaniard”. The conflict here is that Spaniard did not become a word until the 14th century, and comes from an old French word.